ACB E-Forum for December, 2019

Table of Contents President’s Message: Traveling Across the Pond, by Dan Spoone Puzzle Pieces Coming Together for 2020 Convention in Schaumburg, by Janet Dickelman It’s a Mini Mall Holiday, by Carla Ruschival Vision Around the World, by Sandra Sermons Blindness: A Global Perspective, by Allen Casey Canada: Consumerism in an Agency-Dominated Land, by John Rae The Situation of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Germany – An Overview, by Peter Brasse Traveling to Ireland – The Trip of a Lifetime, by Judy Presley Audio Description: An International Phenomenon, by Joel Snyder Why Go to See Live Theatre If You Are Blind?, by Maribel Steel We Have Come So Far, But …, by Paul Edwards Affiliate News Here and There, edited by Sharon Strzalkowski High Tech Swap Shop ACB Officers ACB Board of Directors ACB Board of Publications Accessing Your ACB Braille and E-Forums
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