The ACB E-Forum Volume LVII August 2018 No. 2

Table of Contents New Directions for the ACB Braille and E-Forum Magazines, by Ron Brooks Taking the Forum Back to School, by Ron Brooks The Special Education Task Force: Powerful and Little Known, by Paul Edwards The Key to a Powerful Start: Preschool Programs for Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, by Ron Brooks Fear of Teaching, by Susan Glass Special Accommodations for Standardized Tests, by John Buckley President's Message: College Success! A New Program for an Old Problem, by Kim Charlson Education Outside the Classroom, by John Buckley August, by Ron Brooks A Tribute to Barbara McDonald, by Gail Wilt Passings ACB Receives Century of Change Award Here and There, edited by Sharon Strzalkowski High Tech Swap Shop
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