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Randolph Sheppard Vendors of America brings its 2020 Sagebrush Conference to you on ACB Radio Live Event all week!!

  • Posted on: 10 February 2020
  • By: ACBRadio

Greetings from the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the home of the Sagebrush 2020 National Business Enterprise Program Training Conference – “Learning, leading, and Living with a 2020 perspective".

ACB Radio is once again proud to bring to you RSVA’s Sagebrush Conference as it happens on ACB Radio Live Event, beginning today with the RSVA Board of Director’s Meeting at 3 PM Pacific and then continuing through Friday.

You can find the complete program at:


We will bring you all general sessions. Brian Charlson is joining me, Rick Morin, as ACB Radio hosts of this live event.

To tune in to ACB Radio Live Event:

  • Via a browser on your computer or smart device, go to http://acbradio.org/live and click/activate the link provided.
  • Alexa (recommended): say “Alexa Tune In ACB Radio Live Event”
  • Via Audio Now on your telephone: dial (712) 775-4808, Option 6 for ACB Radio Live Event.

The broadcast schedule for today, Monday 2/10/2020 and Tuesday is listed below. Please note that all times are Pacific and subject to change

[Editor's note: The rest of the week's schedule is now available below, as well.]


3:00 - 5:00 PM:

RSVA® Board of Directors Meeting


8:45 AM:

Moderator: Scott Eggen (MN), SVS Vending, Sagebrush Chair, RSVA® Board Member


"Welcome to Sagebrush":

Scott Eggen (MN), SVS Vending, Sagebrush Chair, RSVA® Board Member

Dan Sippl (WI), RSVA® President

"Welcome from Nevada":

Bill Powers (NV), President, Nevada Council of the Blind

Chris Mazza (NV), Bureau Chief, Business Enterprises of Nevada

Carol Ann Ewing (NV), Nevada Committee Chair

Introduction of Participants:

Dan Sippl (WI), RSVA® President

9:15 AM:

"Mobility on the Job and Student Collaboration/transition":

Scott Meehan (UT, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Utah School for the Deaf and Blind

Elaine Robertson, MRC, CRC (SC), Senior Consultant, South Carolina Commission for the Blind

An overview of Orientation and Mobility techniques will be explored to improve and promote efficient and safe travel. Learn how to promote the vending profession to appropriate students in K-12. This session will also discuss Recruiting new vendors with emphasis on Transition.

10:15 AM:

Questions and Answers

10:35 AM:

"Options with Southern Foodservice":

Walt Berry (AL), President, Southern Foodservice Management, Inc.

10:45 AM:

"Latest Updates with RSA":

Mark Schultz (DC), Commissioner Rehabilitation Services Administration

Learn about changes in the Randolph-Sheppard unit. Get tips on how vendors and staff can get information they need.

11:10 AM:

Questions and Answers

11:15 AM:

"Updates from the National Council of State Agencies for the Blind and Report on Randolph-Sheppard":

Catriona Macdonald (DC), President Linchpin Strategies, LLC. and NCSAB Policy Advisor for Randolph-Sheppard

Learn about new strategies in the Randolph-Sheppard Program. Get updates on NCSAB activities. Hear the latest NCSAB news on Randolph-Sheppard. Get updates on legislation and regulations affecting the Randolph-Sheppard Program.

11:55 AM:

Questions and Answers

1:30 PM:


Donna Seliger (IA), RSVA® Board Member

1:30 PM:

"The latest innovations in equipment, technology, and training":

Tim Paul (WV), Regional Manager/South

Automated Merchandising Systems

1:35 PM:

"Keeping Nonprofits Relevant":

Karen Blachowicz (NY), Karen's express shop and Karen's express vending, RSVA® Board Member

This interactive presentation will teach listeners how to move nonprofits forward. Learn the importance of how and why for fundraising and timelines. Hear different ways to get more people involved.

2:20 PM:

Questions and Answers

2:25 PM:

"Interview Tips for Hiring the Best Employees":

Ardis Bazyn (CA), Speaker and Business Coach, Bazyn Communications

Learn what questions you can and cannot ask. Hear how asking applicants to solve problems and take tests works best.

2:55 PM:

Questions and Answers

3:15 PM:

"The Power of Quickbooks Reports":

Theodore C. Drake (CA), Principal Engineer Accessibility

Intuit Inc.

3:55 PM:

Questions and Answers


8:30 AM:


Karen Blachowicz (NY), Karen's express shop, and Karen's express vending, RSVA® Board Member

8:30 AM:

"National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), News and Trends in the Industry":

Eric Dell (VA), Senior Vice President Government Affairs National Automatic Merchandising Association

Learn about the ongoing trainings offered by NAMA. Get updates on rules for product and nutrition labeling. Find out about other news and laws affecting vending managers.

8:55 AM:

Questions and Answers

9:00 AM:

"Competitive Edge in cashless and telemetry"

Tracy DeZarate, Sales Representative, USA Technology

Dave Severin, Regional Product Support Manager, Crane Merchandising Systems

Learn about the differences in services from cashless systems. Hear how telemetry updates benefit your business. Hear about the latest changes in technology.

9:45 AM:

Questions and Answers

9:50 AM:

"All about Crane"

Dave Severin, Regional Product Support Manager, Crane Merchandising Systems

10:10 AM:

"Electronic Payment Accessibility on iPad, iPhone, and Android"

Karen Blachowicz (NY), Karen's express shop, and Karen's express vending, RSVA® Board Member

Learn about online payment options for vending facilities. Hear which ones work with each technology.

10:50 AM:

Questions and answers

10:55 AM:

"Focus on Exhibitors"

Exhibitors will highlight their Current products/services. Learn what promotions are available.

11:35 AM:

"How to Maximize the Use of Pepsico FoodService Products "

Scott Stella, National Account Sales Manager, PepsiCo Foodservice; Doug Purdie, Director of Sales

Workplace Channel, PepsiCo Foodservice; Shelly Malecha, National Account Sales Manager, PepsiCo Foodservice


8:30 AM:

"Accessible payment kiosk for Micro Markets and How to Organize them for visually impaired"

Kurk Johnson (WI), Vice President of Sales and David Little (CA), West Coast Sales Manager, Three Square Market; Debbie Peart (CA) Sacramento Micro Market

Learn how to set up the facility to take advantage of barcode technology. Find solutions for problems and know do's and don'ts.

8:55 AM:

Questions and Answers

9:00 AM:

"Accessible Wayaround Technology"

Jessica Hipp (CA), Chief Operating Officer, WayAround LLC.

9:20 AM:

Questions and answers.

9:25 AM:

"Using AIRA or ;MyEyes to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly?"

Karen Blachowicz (NY), Karen's express shop and Karen's express vending, RSVA® Board Member

Jeff Thom (CA), RSVA® Attorney and First Vice President American Association of Visually Impaired Attorneys

Both AIRA and BEMYEYES customers call for assistance when they need to know what is happening around them. Learn the Pros and Cons of each option.

9:50 AM:

Questions and Answers

10:10 AM:

“Is Randolph-Sheppard a dinosaur or a Phoenix ready to rise? The Importance of telling your story"

Karen Blachowicz (NY), Karen's express shop and Karen's express vending, RSVA® Board Member

Scott Eggen (MN), SVS Vending, Sagebrush Committee Chair

John Hulet (MN), Supervisor

State of Minnesota - BEP

Jeff Thom (CA), RSVA® Attorney and First Vice President American Association of Visually Impaired Attorneys

Learn how telling your story about the benefits of the Randolph-Sheppard Program works in advocating for Randolph-Sheppard. Hear examples of how the impact helps legislators and building managers understand why RS is vital to blind persons welfare.

10:45 AM:

Questions and Answers

10:50 AM:

"How to Successfully interview for a Better Location"

Sydney Martinez (NV), Business Enterprise Officer I, Business Enterprises of Nevada

Jim Hemmen (WA), Business Enterprise Program Manager, WA State Department of Services for the Blind

11:15 AM:

Questions and Answers

11:20 AM:

"The Value of Writing and Updating Business Plans"

Jessica Peters (NV), Business Enterprise Officer II, Business Enterprises of Nevada

Elaine Robertson, MRC, CRC (SC), Senior Consultant, South Carolina Commission for the Blind

Jim Hemmen (WA), Business Enterprise Program Manager, WA State Department of Services for the Blind; Ardis Bazyn (CA), Retired Vendor/speaker/Business Coach, Bazyn Communications

11:55 AM:

Questions and Answers

12:15 PM:


Moderator: Dan Sippl (WI), RSVA® President

Motivational speaker: "Building relationships and networking to Reach your Goals":

Dan Spoone (FL), American Council of the Blind President

Presentation of "George Arsnow" and "Charlie Carroll Advocacy" Scholarship Awards:

Herbert Reado (LA), RSVA® Awards Chair

2:15 PM:

"Computer Roundtable for Entrepreneurs"

Learn what systems and software are best to keep your computer up and running correctly. Hear positives and negatives of PC and MAC operating systems as well as more accessible virus protection and malware programs. What back-up systems are Accessible for the visually impaired.

2:40 PM:

Questions and answers

2:45 PM:

Committee Chair Roundtable

Learn about this year's hottest topics for committee chairs.

3:00 PM:

Questions and answers

3:05 PM:

SLA Roundtable Report Out:

Learn what new challenges face BEP directors in their states.

3:20 PM:

Questions and Answers

3:25 PM

"Social Security and Medicare Questions Answered"

Barbara Duckett (NV), SSA Public Affairs Specialist, Nevada

Learn about the latest updates and Changes in Social Security and Medicare. See what deductions vendors can use. Get information on retirement.

3:55 PM

Questions and Answers

(Feel free to stay and ask questions related to your own situation.)


8:30 AM:

Moderator: Michael Talley (AL), Talley Vending Service

8:30 AM:

"IPhone and Android Accessibility Tips and Tricks"

John Palmer (FL), President/Owner, Magnifying America

Brian Charlson (MA), ACB Radio

Learn about the latest in Apple and Android products and accessibility. Hear the latest apps in both technologies.

9:20 AM:

Questions and Answers

9:30 AM:

“living with duel disabilities the challenges and rewards in business and personal life”

Theresia Hout (ID), TL Vending

10:00 AM:

Questions and Answers

10:05 AM:

"Using Strategic Buying Programs"

US Foods, Vend Purchase Group

10:20 AM:

Questions and Answers

10:25 AM:

"News from USI"

Robert Daubach (IA), USI Midwest Regional Sales Manager

10:30 AM:

"American Council of the Blind News and Updates"

Dan Spoone (FL), ACB President

Learn about successful advocacy for blind and visually impaired. Hear about the sessions and trainings coming at the 2020 conference and convention. Find out what's on the horizon for ACB.

10:55 AM:

Questions and Answers

11:00 AM:

"Why Get Bigbox store (Costco/Sams) Membership?"

Scott Eggen (MN), SVS Vending, Sagebrush Chair; John Foulks (WI), Friendship Vending, RSVA Board Member

Learn how vendors can include Bigbox stores in their purchasing plan. Hear the savings possible. Get tips on the Benefits of Memberships.

11:20 AM:

Questions and Answers

11:25 AM:

Suggestions for next year's Sagebrush.

Hope you can tune in,

On behalf of Dan Sippl, RSVA President

Rick Morin

Brian Charlson

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