[CnD] ovens and burners

jan brown janbrown at samobile.net
Mon Aug 1 01:38:58 GMT 2011

Hi everybody, I know the crock pot makes good food, but after a while 
the texture has a sameness. May I recommend both oven and stove top. 
Today's dinner was, for example, steak broiled 7 minutes per side and 
onions, bell peppers and onions sauteed with some hot sauce. It was 
good, and not even too unhealthy. The flavor was great and the meat 
juice dripped down to the grease catcher in the broiler pan. I like 
broiling because you can do other things. I use the microwave timer. I 
flipped them with my fingers actually but generally use a spatula. I 
just stirred the veggies around with a wooden spoon and when they 
sounded as if they needed it, added a dite of butter.
 The smoke alarm went off, but it does that. Nothing burned and all is 
washed and done with. The house smells good though.

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