[CnD] scrambled eggs are easy as eating pie

jan brown janbrown at samobile.net
Tue Aug 2 01:15:32 GMT 2011

Put some butter in the bottom of a fry pan or cook spray. Put just 
enough to have a film, not a lake of grease. Break the eggs into 
something a cup or a dish or even right into the pan. If you are a more 
refined person than I, you might wish to add a sip of milk to the eggs 
and salt and pepper in the dish. In my hurried up case, I break the 
eggs directly into the pan after butter has melted. I salt and pepper. 
and make sure the yolks are broken. If you were going to have the eggs 
with green pepper, onion or something, you would have already cooked it 
in the butter. Take a wooden spoon or other implement of destruction, 
turn the burner on high and stir gently. The eggs start out the texture 
of well, uh, eggs. As you stir, be gentle, it is eggs not concrete and 
how much clean up do you want? You will feel as they cook. They clump 
together and your job is to keep them from sticking Go all around the 
pan edges to get each pesky little egg bit. Use fingers to determine 
doneness. It took longer to read it than to cook your eggs. If you burn 
your finger, it will get better. If you have  someone around to kiss 
your owey, so much the better. Just try it. Add cooked bacon,some 
cheese, or whatever you like with eggs. Just go out there and do it. 
Mix them with grits for Heaven on a plate. Grits, is four to one water 
to grits. You use the same spoon to stir around the grits and water. 
Add salt and pepper and a smig of butter. I think I told you all this a 
week ago. Happy breakfast cats and kitties.

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