[CnD] scrambled eggs are easy as eating pie

Judy Cowart rixchick99 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 2 03:24:19 GMT 2011

I do my scrambled eggs differently, I break my eggs in a bowl and use the 
egg beater to fluff them.  I don't salt and pepper in the pan because using 
salt on the eggs when they cook makes them tough.  I do add a little milk 
and I heard from someone that adding a pinch of baking powder helps fluff 
the eggs too but use just a tad.
I love omelets and need to find a pan to put in the oven to cook them.


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Jan, I do eggs the same way;--i.e., without breaking them into a bowl
or adding milk.  Just crack the eggs directly into the pan.  Over the
weekend, I found Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles, which is fully-cooked
sausage crumbled up in a bag.  You can add some to your pan along with
bell pepper and onions, and when veggies are the way you like them,
add the eggs.  I usually add my seasonings to the bell pepper and
onion so I won't have to stop and do it after adding the eggs.

On 8/1/11, jan brown <janbrown at samobile.net> wrote:
> Put some butter in the bottom of a fry pan or cook spray. Put just
> enough to have a film, not a lake of grease. Break the eggs into
> something a cup or a dish or even right into the pan. If you are a more
> refined person than I, you might wish to add a sip of milk to the eggs
> and salt and pepper in the dish. In my hurried up case, I break the
> eggs directly into the pan after butter has melted. I salt and pepper.
> and make sure the yolks are broken. If you were going to have the eggs
> with green pepper, onion or something, you would have already cooked it
> in the butter. Take a wooden spoon or other implement of destruction,
> turn the burner on high and stir gently. The eggs start out the texture
> of well, uh, eggs. As you stir, be gentle, it is eggs not concrete and
> how much clean up do you want? You will feel as they cook. They clump
> together and your job is to keep them from sticking Go all around the
> pan edges to get each pesky little egg bit. Use fingers to determine
> doneness. It took longer to read it than to cook your eggs. If you burn
> your finger, it will get better. If you have  someone around to kiss
> your owey, so much the better. Just try it. Add cooked bacon,some
> cheese, or whatever you like with eggs. Just go out there and do it.
> Mix them with grits for Heaven on a plate. Grits, is four to one water
> to grits. You use the same spoon to stir around the grits and water.
> Add salt and pepper and a smig of butter. I think I told you all this a
> week ago. Happy breakfast cats and kitties.
> Jan
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