[CnD] About making Waffles

Dale cookinginthedark at att.net
Thu Aug 4 14:39:38 GMT 2011

I can actually hear the click of the done light on the cheap model I 
have from Wal Mart.
Normally, my maker takes about 3 minutes  once hot to cook my waffles.
The touch method is good as it will get firmer  as it cooks.
It does take a little experimenting.
Be sure to keep track of the time you have cooked the waffle for first.
After  removing it from  the maker, check it out.
Is it very soft and pliable or is it real hard?
For me a good waffle is  able to be picked up and not sag but if a 
little pressure is  added, it will bend too.
Kind of  like a piece of bread.
If it breaks like a piece of toast, it might be overcooked.  If it 
sags when held at one side, it is probably under cooked.
As with a lot of things, each waffle maker will cook at its own pace.
We have done a few waffle shows and I find making waffles 
easier  than pancakes.
Plus they are so good and freeze nicely.

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