[CnD] streusel (was muffin tips?)

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Thanks for the suggestions.
That crumbly topping is streusel. The way my family does it is to take
some room-temperature butter, a quarter or half a stick to start with,
and add a teaspoon or so of cinnamon, plus maybe half a cup of brown
sugar. You may also want to use a tablespoon or so of flour to make
things easier. Mix it all together (it is best to warm the butter to
room temperature before starting, but warm an entire stick). After a
while of mixing, it should start feeling crumbly. Taste it, and adjust
as necessary; more butter, brown sugar, or cinnamon. My family does it
this way, and none of them can give me exact amounts for anything; I
keep getting the response that you just have to keep playing with it
until it is right and tastes good. What you want is a substance that
is relatively dry and crumbly, like gravel, which you will sprinkle on
top of the cake, muffins, or whatever before baking. I tried this a
couple days ago and used an entire stick of butter to start with. My
streusel was too buttery, so it was too soft, but it made enough to
cover what looked like an 8- or 9-inch springform pan in which I was
making a coffee cake. As an aside, some people like to take some
streusel and put it in the middle of the cake; add half the batter,
layer some streusel, and add the rest of the batter, then top with the
remaining streusel.

On 8/4/11, Nicole Massey <nyyki at gypsyheir.com> wrote:
> Another option is to pour the muffin batter into a pan and make coffee cake.
> There's a crumbly topping some folks put on top of coffee cake, but I don't
> have a recipe for that. (One would be appreciated)
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> I either use an ice cream scoop or 1/3 cup measure. Muffin batter is
> not generally runny so it should work. You can put the muffin tin on
> paper towel or one of those chopping mats for ease of clean up. I
> always found the transfer from counter to oven more daunting. For pies,
> I always put a pan with sides under the pie pan to prevent spills. But,
> muffins should not present you with a problem of spill. Have fun with
> them. It isn't Mount Everest though it may feel like it.
> Jan
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