[CnD] OT: Making your kitchen accessible??

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Thu Aug 4 19:44:57 GMT 2011

I rennovated my kitchen about 6 years ago.  Improvements I made that 
have been especially helpful have been, under the counter lighting, a 
flat-top stove with a double oven that I can label with braille and 
find completely accessible -- and much easier to clean! --a microwave 
with braille labels; an accessible kitchen timer that attaches to my 
fridge (or the backyard grill, with a magnetic -- it talks and is 
easy to set; pantry shelves with borders so that cans and boxes don't 
fall off when I pull out the shelf to see what's there; a 
refrigerator with water and ice dispensed from the door -- no more 
spilled ice trays! -- and one of the best things for which I included 
the price in my rennovation costs, an I.D.Mate.  The I.D.Mate is not 
the latest model, but it still works, and I absolutely love it!

I recently bought the IGrill app for my IPhone.  You buy a digital 
thermometer for it and then use the phone to set the 
temperature.  You insert the thermometer in whatever you are grilling 
or cooking, and when the temperature is reached, it beeps.  It is not 
accessible yet, but the app maker says they are working on it and 
it's a priority for them.

Meanwhile, the talking thermometer available at blind mice mart is 
instantly readable and accessible as soon as one removes the food 
from oven or grill, and I enjoy using it until the remote IGrill 
thermometer becomes accessible.

Also the wonderful silicon potholders, and the set of 4 cutting matts 
from Blind Mice Mart have been wonderful low-tech assistive devices.


At 02:26 PM 8/4/2011, you wrote:
>A talking bread machine, roaster, and other appliances would be nice.
>Larger rings, like egg rings, for pancakes would also be nice.
>Some way to better keep track of spices would be wonderful.
>Clips for bags and sacks, especially ones that can handle the freezer for
>bags of frozen vegetables and such, with clear markings on them (stars,
>circles, triangles, large letters, etc) would be great. Magnets on these
>would also facilitate storage on the side of a fridge.
>That's what I can think of off the top of my head.
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>I am working on a small project and hope you can help.  We have been asked
>to gather information on what items in a kitchen people who are blind would
>like made accessible.  We are interested in learning what in the kitchen you
>would like made accessible and how- speech, braille,or large print etc.
>If we can share ideas on this list, I hope after a few weeks to have a rich
>collection of information to share.
>Thanks in advance for your assistance, I look forward to hearing from you.
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