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When I was first learning to make waffles I had sighted assistance, and one
of the things I practiced was putting the batter right in the center of the
iron. We also measured carefully to determine exactly what was required.
Exact measurements weren't scaled to make sure it completely covered the
iron, but I can live with one corner  that has a bit missing, like someone
took a bite out of it before it cooked.

My suggestion for anyone wanting to do this is to make up a batch of batter
with a sighted assistant at some point in time when neither of you is
hungry, and to practice making waffles to get your technique down. You can
also practice with the iron unplugged to learn where the center is with any
type of batter -- try making a coffee cake or something else and using the
batter first as test material to get your aim correct, scraping the dropped
batter into a pan after each try for baking after the exercise.

I also put my waffle iron on a large cookie sheet with edges in case
anything oozes out.

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hello :)
does anyone have a trick to make sure the whole plate of the
waffeliron is covered by batter without spilling or being too little?
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