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Ah, okay. This might be something to mention to the mice, then, as ovens
tend to have some variance between models and sometimes within a model line.
This is the single biggest difficulty I have in the kitchen. (I worked in
restaurants back in my sighted days, even managing one, so my kitchen skills
are atypical) If I could master this one challenge my kitchen would give me
no problems at all, save for keeping it stocked with all the ingredients I
need to make everything.

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As of yet, there is not an actual talking oven thermometer.
If you can get some sighted assistance, turn on the oven at 350 and 
let it heat up.
Have your sighted amigo read the temperature from the thermometer inside.
There should be an adjustment on the back of the temperature dial 
that can e changed to give you a more accurate temperature.

Some folks have used the talking cooking thermometer we sale for $36 
to check their oven temp but is not 100% accurate.
The thermometer cannot be left in the oven as it is an instant read 
thermometer and the casing is plastic.
Not god in a hot oven.
At 05:23 PM 8/4/2011, you wrote:
>I have an old gas oven with dials, but like the way of such things it isn't
>accurate in its heating. I'd like to find an oven thermometer that talks (I
>have a non-talking one in the oven already, but that requires sighted
>assistance to bake or broil anything)
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>I have the same kind of oven but when I try to raise the temp, its not
>always accurate. I hate the thing and wish I had an old dial oven. Not even
>sure they make them any more.
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>Hi, not sure if all digital ovens are the same but our temperature
>starts at 350 and goes up in 5 degree increments.  We had some sighted
>help labeling it.
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