[CnD] Question about a bread maker

Katie Chandler kchandler2005 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 6 20:09:43 GMT 2011

Hey everyone,  

I was wondering if I may ask you all that have bread makers or know anything about them if you can help me?  I bought a bread maker at a garage sale my next door neighbor was having and sold to me. She never had used it.  The only thing she had made a couple of moves and she doesn't know if she still has the manual  for it.  I have never used a bread maker, but, will love the smell of fresh breading baking in the house this winter. smile.  This is a  small toast master   model number is  Model Number  TBR20H .  I went on line and found the instructions on how to make the breads and many recipes.   It said to  place a kneading blade or  something under the pull out container that holds the ingredients to make the bread. I find nothing that you put in it, there is a ring  already made underneath the bucket and another one connected to the  bottom of the maker inside. they meet each other when the bucket is placed in the maker and locked down. The only thing sticking up inside the bucket is a medal thing that may rotate up has no blade or anything on it. None of these come out.  
Should it have a blade or something to place on it to make it knead or mix the ingredients?   Sorry this is long, but, don't know how to explain it all.  I am hoping that some one may have the manual to this model  and share it or can tell me about how to assemble it all.  Thanks in advance.

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