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The one that I have bought says it will make a beep sound when it starts and 
another beep sound when the bread is done. It has some buttons on the top of 
the lid, that can be marked in Braille. Like stop start, lighter or darker 
buttons and some other ones. You can feel them well enough and I don't see 
why it should be so hard, even though I haven't tried it, but from every 
thing they are telling me about it once it is marked or I can remember which 
button is which there shouldn't  be a problem with that part. From what the 
recipes that  I read to make  different  kinds of breads with it,  it tells 
what ingredient to put in when and etc. Then close the lid turn it on and it 
dose the rest. So why wouldn't a totally blind person not be able to figure 
that out?  It doesn't sound hard to me and I cannot see what I am doing 
either. grin.  Katie
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> Hi, I'm thinking about making my own bread but not sure how accessible 
> bread machines would be for totally blind people. Honestly I've never even 
> seen one. :) Some of you say it can be done and some say it's impossible. 
> Please would you give me the pros and cons?
> thanks
> sisi
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