[CnD] Dessert Suggestion

Jan zarf2001 at verizon.net
Thu Aug 11 23:56:06 GMT 2011

My Mom always called this cream Elle pudding. I don't know where she got
the name. She used a Pyrex glass baking dish. I've used a metal one as
well.  Line an 11-by-7-inch dish with graham crackers. Leave them whole,
if possible, although you can break them to fit the edges of the pan. On
top of them, pour a 4-ounce package of cook and serve chocolate pudding,
which has been prepared according to package directions. Do it while the
pudding is hot. You can use instant pudding, but cooked is preferred,
since it soaks into the graham crackers better. On top of the pudding,
make another layer of graham crackers. On top of the second graham
cracker layer, pour a 4-ounce package of either butterscotch or vanilla
cook and serve pudding, again, while the pudding is hot. Top with
crumbled graham crackers. Chill and serve, with whipped cream or cool
whip, if desired. My mom tried putting chocolate pudding as the top
layer, but it was too heavy and doing it this way worked better. I've
made this also. If you use an 8-inch square pan, use two 3-ounce
packages of pudding instead of 4 ounces. I think you will use about a
half of a box of graham crackers.

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