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My mom made a similar dessert and called it eclairs. I loved it. Will have to check for variations ut i think thi is the same. 
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> My Mom always called this cream Elle pudding. I don't know where she got
> the name. She used a Pyrex glass baking dish. I've used a metal one as
> well.  Line an 11-by-7-inch dish with graham crackers. Leave them whole,
> if possible, although you can break them to fit the edges of the pan. On
> top of them, pour a 4-ounce package of cook and serve chocolate pudding,
> which has been prepared according to package directions. Do it while the
> pudding is hot. You can use instant pudding, but cooked is preferred,
> since it soaks into the graham crackers better. On top of the pudding,
> make another layer of graham crackers. On top of the second graham
> cracker layer, pour a 4-ounce package of either butterscotch or vanilla
> cook and serve pudding, again, while the pudding is hot. Top with
> crumbled graham crackers. Chill and serve, with whipped cream or cool
> whip, if desired. My mom tried putting chocolate pudding as the top
> layer, but it was too heavy and doing it this way worked better. I've
> made this also. If you use an 8-inch square pan, use two 3-ounce
> packages of pudding instead of 4 ounces. I think you will use about a
> half of a box of graham crackers.
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