[CnD] Copy Of My Letter From August 12 On Deep Frying

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Oh my gosh, Bonnie I remember you and Bhakti.  If you could email me off 
list at
kc8gmt at comcast.net
 or I can see if your email address pops up in this letter.  I have 
unlimited calling and am still in touch with Karen, who got Rachel when we 
got our dogs.
We have two children and have been married 36 yhears.
I am glad you realized it was me.

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> Lora Leggett wrote:
>> I use the Rival Cool Touch deep fryer.  I had to have mine replaced twice 
>> because of a power problem.  The second time they replaced it with a 
>> different model but it works the same way.  There are no real tactile 
>> marks but the slide control goes downward as the temperature goes higher. 
>> The highest is 375 and I usually use 350.  It is just a little ways 
>> higher than all the way down and I just leave it set.  I really do not 
>> use the timer that it has, I just leave it in the On position and use 
>> other means to time. There is a Ready light but I just wait five to seven 
>> minutes after I plug it in to warm up the oil.
>> It is so safe because the basket with the food drops down into the oil 
>> and you close the lid so no splashing.  You pull up the handle and drain 
>> the oil and take it out by the handle and I pour the food onto a cookie 
>> sheet with paper towels so as not to get it on the counter or the floor.
>> Then i fill up the basket with another batch and wait just a few minutes 
>> for the oil to come back up to temperature.  I love it because I never 
>> fear getting burned or splashed.  There are two lines inside the metal 
>> pan where the oil goes and they are called minimum and maximum and you 
>> pour oil to a depth just in between those lines and check each time you 
>> use it because oil can evaporate.
>> Unfortunately my deep fryer is on hold right now because my husband has 
>> just come home from his second hospital stay and is currently on a 
>> feeding tube and I am a newly diagnosed diabetic.  I will come back to it 
>> of course but too much going on right now so I do look forward to using 
>> it again.  Make some good food for me!
>> Lora
>> Laura, hello.  Don't know if you remember me or not, but I was in your 
>> class at the Seeing Eye when you got Peace.
> I am Bonnie Adams, and I love the way you write.  I've been a diabetic for 
> four years now, and it's a real pain.
> I'm on pills and insulin, and right now, I'm none the worse for wear.
> I heard that you had married, (I don't remember how), so twenty years 
> later, congratulations!
> Tell me, what have you been doing with your life?  Any chhildren?  I have 
> one, and he made it to forty, because I let him!  LOL.  Have lived in 
> Califoornia twice and The Boston area twice, and I am between dogs now. 
> TSE turned me down for now, because of back problems, but if I get another 
> dog from there or anywhere, it will be #10.
> Well, hope this reaches you.  Haven't had a lot of lluck sending email 
> lately.  Please, tell me what you have been doing, and about George.  Hope 
> wwwe can chat.  Hugs.
> Bonnie Adams
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