[CnD] pressure cooker pot roast

Andrew niven aniven at ihug.co.nz
Sun Aug 28 07:25:31 GMT 2011

hi all.
Firstly, appologies to those who will get this message more than once.  however, i'm afraid I'm in 
the mood to brag.  i cooked my first roast of beef in my pressure cooker tonight.  i couldn't 
believe how well it turned out.  The meat was tender and moist, and there was little or no 
shrinkage.  Also, the whole roast of meat was cooked and ready to serve in about 50 minutes. 
Browning took 10 minutes, cooking another 30 and the final 10 minutes was the time spent waiting for 
the cooker to release its pressure so i could remove the lid.

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