[CnD] Leftover Food Ideas

Katie Chandler kchandler2005 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 9 04:29:51 GMT 2011

             Leftover Food Ideas

 Cool leftover French toast, then freeze it in single layers. Store in self-sealing plastic bags. Pop in your toaster to reheat.

 Combine leftover mashed potatoes with chopped onion and shredded cheese, then bake. Tastes like twice-baked potatoes with less work!

 Leftover spaghetti noodles? Add diced raw vegetables and enough bottled Italian dressing to coat for an easy and refreshing salad.

 Form balls of leftover mashed potatoes around cubes of cheese, roll in Parmesan cheese or crumbs and broil until golden brown.

 To heat leftover tortillas, grease a skillet lightly with oil and place over medium heat. Dip tortillas in water and quickly steam-saute them on both sides.

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