[CnD] Seeking recipes and info about quinoa

Lynn Schneider caneprints at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 03:12:40 GMT 2011

Yesterday, my sister made a delicious side dish with vegetables and a grain called quinoa.  I have never heard of quinoa, but she saw it in Trader Joe's and wanted to try it.  In the research I've done, what is interesting about this grain is that it is gluten-free and has a high protein content compared to other grains.  I thought this might be good for breakfast since I do like oatmeal but I find that I feel better when I have a little protein in the morning and not just the typical high-carb breakfast people seem to like.  The dish we made came from a frozen bag, but we also have a box of quinoa that they say you can prepare much like oatmeal.  Any information, recipes and preparation tips would be most appreciated.  Can I prepare this in the microwave or slow cooker?

Thanks in advance for any insights.


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