[CnD] Seeking recipes and info about quinoa

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Make it just like you make oatmeal with just a little more water and cook it 
just a little longer.  It's pretty hard to mess up quinoa - trust me.
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> Yesterday, my sister made a delicious side dish with vegetables and a 
> grain called quinoa.  I have never heard of quinoa, but she saw it in 
> Trader Joe's and wanted to try it.  In the research I've done, what is 
> interesting about this grain is that it is gluten-free and has a high 
> protein content compared to other grains.  I thought this might be good 
> for breakfast since I do like oatmeal but I find that I feel better when I 
> have a little protein in the morning and not just the typical high-carb 
> breakfast people seem to like.  The dish we made came from a frozen bag, 
> but we also have a box of quinoa that they say you can prepare much like 
> oatmeal.  Any information, recipes and preparation tips would be most 
> appreciated.  Can I prepare this in the microwave or slow cooker?
> Thanks in advance for any insights.
> Lynn
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