[CnD] Introduction

Nicole Massey nyyki at gypsyheir.com
Sat Jun 25 01:05:36 GMT 2011

Since I'm new, I thought I'd introduce myself too.

I'm Nicole Massey, most people call me Nyyki. I like to cook, and use things
like my crock pot, quesadilla cooker, pasta pots, and just about any other
tool that I need to cook. I work from both recipes and through
improvisation, though I tend not to follow recipes exactly because I like to
experiment. I tend to document my experiments, though, because that way I
know what worked and what didn't.
I'm completely blind and living alone, so I tend to make things that reheat
well and don't require sighted help. (Unfortunately my guide dog doesn't
like to read labels and such, so he's not much help in the kitchen unless I
drop something edible, which gets a frown from me)

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