[CnD] quesadilla cooker

Nicole Massey nyyki at gypsyheir.com
Sat Jun 25 21:10:11 GMT 2011

I don't know the make of mine, just that someone told me it was red. I
suspect places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond would have them, though I'd put
"quesadilla Cooker" in www.froogle.com and find out what they bring up.
(Hmmm, maybe I can find that Hamilton Beech Model 40 scoop Debbie Fields
recommended for scooping out cookie dough that way, too)

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okay, where can you find these makers?
At 03:51 PM 6/25/2011, you wrote:
>My one concern on a George is that the tines on the grill might violate the
>integrity of the tortilla -- I've noticed some fairly deep divots when
>making grilled cheese sandwiches on a Foreman grill in the past.
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>I too always used either cookie sheet or pan in the oven. You could try
>them on the george, maybe.
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