[CnD] A Quick Intro

~Sarah~ blindbat84 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 03:37:39 GMT 2011

Hey all I'm new to the list but wanted to say HI! and note this is my
first list of this type so it will be a learning experience to get
used to.

Just a little about me then on to stuff about cooking as this IS a
cooking list. I'm 27 or will be in August and have been blind now for
almost a year. I lost the last of my sight last year a few days after
my birthday [happy birthday to me =p]. I was half blind before tha t
and manage just fine. Now it's a whole new world, even since I had
half sight the sight was pretty good. So... stuff like cooking was not
so hard, well easier than it is now.

Before this becomes a novel I must say THANK YOU to the Cooking in the
Dark host for the restoration of a much loved breakfast of fried egg
sammich thanks to  a microwave. I have wanted one for a while now and
just yesterday had one made by myself.

Speaking of breakfast I have found pre cooked bacon at Wal Mart for
2.68 for about 16 pieces. A bit pricy but since I have no bacon press
or bacon cooker for the microwave it works out great and tastes great

I hope to toss out little nuggets and gain some in return as I
navigate my new sightless world in the kitchen, a place I hope to
spend  alot of time in as I do enjoy it despite how hard it can be at
times, even with sight back then!

Thanks all and sorry for the novel!


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