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From: "~SarahHello Sarah and welcome to the group.
If I want to make a few pieces of bacon in the microwave I put them in a 
casserole or pie plate and streighten them out and make sure there are not 
too mnay of them so they won't cover each other up.  They still tend to lump 
together anyway.  But I put some paper towels on top of them and kind of 
fold the extra hanging over down under it to hold it loosely together.  Then 
I microwave it for about 4 or 5 minutes and then let it go a little bit 
after the microwave shuts off.  When it calms down, when you do not hear it 
sizzling  I shift the pieces around in the pan so they have a chance to cook 
evenly and go a little more or if they feel done enough I just take out some 
bread and have a bacon sandwich.


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> Hey all I'm new to the list but wanted to say HI! and note this is my
> first list of this type so it will be a learning experience to get
> used to.
> Just a little about me then on to stuff about cooking as this IS a
> cooking list. I'm 27 or will be in August and have been blind now for
> almost a year. I lost the last of my sight last year a few days after
> my birthday [happy birthday to me =p]. I was half blind before tha t
> and manage just fine. Now it's a whole new world, even since I had
> half sight the sight was pretty good. So... stuff like cooking was not
> so hard, well easier than it is now.
> Before this becomes a novel I must say THANK YOU to the Cooking in the
> Dark host for the restoration of a much loved breakfast of fried egg
> sammich thanks to  a microwave. I have wanted one for a while now and
> just yesterday had one made by myself.
> Speaking of breakfast I have found pre cooked bacon at Wal Mart for
> 2.68 for about 16 pieces. A bit pricy but since I have no bacon press
> or bacon cooker for the microwave it works out great and tastes great
> too!
> I hope to toss out little nuggets and gain some in return as I
> navigate my new sightless world in the kitchen, a place I hope to
> spend  alot of time in as I do enjoy it despite how hard it can be at
> times, even with sight back then!
> Thanks all and sorry for the novel!
> -- 
> ~Sarah
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