[CnD] In Reply To: A Quick Intro

Sarah Mellor sarah_mellor at btinternet.com
Mon Jun 27 15:00:04 GMT 2011

Hi Sarah 

Welcome to the list. My name is Sarah as well and I also write what I call E novels so it must be to do with the name hahahaha.  I'm sorry to hear what you went through with loosing your sight but admire you for still wanting to cook.  I'm 31 and live alone in England and an totally blind and have been since birth. OH I didn't know yo could fry an egg in the microwave fried eggs are something I really miss but am scared of using a frying pan as I think a lot of blind people are. I know the method for cooking bacon between kitchen paper works very well its a tip I got from the list a while ago so this is a great place for finding out new ideas and new recipes. I'm sure you will enjoy it.



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