[CnD] fried eggs in the pan

jan brown janbrown at samobile.net
Mon Jun 27 15:18:15 GMT 2011

I hate fried eggs personally, but my late husband loved them. No cause 
and effect there. Anyhow, What I used to do was melt a little butter in 
a frying pan, crack the egg into it and turn up the heat for about two 
seconds. Then, turn it down to where you can scarcely hear it crackle 
and cook about ten minutes. Take out with a flipper and eat.
I do scrambled eggs all the time and often mix with grits.
for two nice servings get two cups water in sauce pan. add one half cup 
quick, not instant grits and cook much like oatmeal. Add salt pepper 
and a  little butter as you cook. When it gets thick, turn it off and 
set aside.
Then, Take a skillet, melt butter, not too much, and add four eggs. 
Make sure you broke the yolks. Your hands will tell the tale.
Using a woodden spoon to stir, cook them over moderate heat. Add salt 
pepper and whatever you like for seasonings. Keep circling the pan as 
you stir to get it off the edges. When done to your liking, mix it with 
the grits. We like it a lot in this household.

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