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For pancakes I use a large griddle, not a frying pan. I have a Circulon
griddle that covers two burners and also a single burner square one.

I use the following size measurements for pancakes:

Silver Dollar Pancakes: Small, under two inches (5.08 centimeters) in
Hotcakes or Griddle Cakes: 2-3 inches (5.8cm-8.4cm) in diameter
Pancakes: Up to 6 inches (15.24cm)
Flapjacks: over the size of a pancake

Get your griddle nice and hot. Take your mixed dough and measure it to the
size you desire. I've only made hotcake sized ones, and about a half a cup
seems to do the trick. Make it a very full half a cup. Pour the batter onto
the griddle and set the timer. (This seems to vary with your stove, so
you'll need a sighted assistant for the first time) When the edges start to
bubble check the timer and use this as your guide. It doesn't take long.

I just had a thought -- this might get a lot easier with this idea. Instead
of cooking on your griddle, it should be possible to place a cake pan on the
griddle and put the pancake like object in that instead. Grease it, of
course, and you might want a couple of them. Pour the batter in the cake pan
after checking it's hot enough by sprinkling a bit of water in the pan, then
when your timer goes off flip the pancake category object onto the griddle
by overturning the cake pan. (Ov-Gloves or those new mitts Blind Mice Mart
advertized recently on Dale's show will make this much easier to do) And you
can probably find a nice selection of different sized cake pans at a well
stocked thrift store, too.

On the topic of egg rings, they're great. Though mine are just non-stick
rings, my step-mom had ones with wooden handles sticking up on a rod, and
these would be better for those with difficulties in orientation. I use mine
for egg sandwiches -- scrambled, as I have an issue with intact yolks in
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I have been blind since birth and have no problem using a frying pan.  I 
just melt a little bit of butter in it with the heat at about medium.  Then 
I crack the egg in a measuring cup.  If you are making an egg sandwich or 
muffin, mix the egg in the cup with a whisk for about one minute, to make 
sure you mix it up well.  If you want to keep the whole yolk crack it very 
carefully into the cup and pour it very gently into the pan after it has 
started heating up.
because you want your butter or whatever you are using to melt before you 
pour the egg into the pan.
After I pour it I cover the pan.  I use a small frying pan because I don't 
have any of those egg rings and I would be afraid of missing anyway if I 
tried to pour into the ring.  So just use a small pan.
I leave the heat on somewhere between medium and high with the cover on for 
about 2 minutes and listen for it to make sizzling sounds.  When I think 
enough time has gone by I turn off the heat and slide the pan off the jet 
and over to the middle of the stove.  I leave it covered another minute or 
two and occasionally sprinkle some shredded Cheddar cheese onto the egg.
After it cools about 2 more minutes or the time it takes to go do something 
when your husband wants something, you can come back and very carefully pick

up the egg and put it on your bread or muffin with a spatula.  I have been 
married 37 years and this did not come easy overnight.  It was frustrating 
and they looked awful at first but now George says they are perfect.  I 
guess better stove,m better pans, real butter instead of margarine.  I have 
been successful with margarine and also shortening when I was out of butter.

Shrotening you have to be a little more careful about sticking though.
But with a little practice it is pretty easy.  Now I will be darned if I can

ever get the hang of pancakes.  I am still looking for a success at that.

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> Hi Sarah
> Welcome to the list. My name is Sarah as well and I also write what I call

> E novels so it must be to do with the name hahahaha.  I'm sorry to hear 
> what you went through with loosing your sight but admire you for still 
> wanting to cook.  I'm 31 and live alone in England and an totally blind 
> and have been since birth. OH I didn't know yo could fry an egg in the 
> microwave fried eggs are something I really miss but am scared of using a 
> frying pan as I think a lot of blind people are. I know the method for 
> cooking bacon between kitchen paper works very well its a tip I got from 
> the list a while ago so this is a great place for finding out new ideas 
> and new recipes. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
> Blessings.
> Sarah
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