[CnD] Eggs and fries

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I have heard that before and I would be afraid of stuff coming out on the 
counter that way where if I do it on the edge of the cup it is right there 
and then I pull apart the egg shell and I know all of it is going into the 
Once in a while it breaks whenI want the whole egg but I like to mix up the 
egg before frying it or whatever I am doing.  George likes or I should say 
liked sunny side up.  So I have gotten pretty good at not breaking it when I 
crack it because I used to catch it for doing that in the early years.

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> Still on the subjectt of eggs, I have to add my two cents worth.
> Many people crack an egg on the side of a cup and much of it dribbles 
> away.  A better way is to hold the egg in your fist and tap it very gently 
> on the counter, breaking the shell but not the inside membrane.  Then with 
> both thumbnails, divide the shell over the cup and drop the raw egg into 
> it.
> For a treat of fries, buy the frozen ones and take out just the few you 
> will eat and bake them at about 400 for 15 minutes.
> Sheila,
> Vancouver, Canada.
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