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Kerry, I sent this a while ago, but, it didn't make it to the list. Forgive 
if it comes out there again later. My computer is being silly right now. 
This is one I posted a long time ago that I make nearly every winter.  Hope 
this is what your looking for.  Blessings  Katie

      Hot Chocolate Mix

This makes a large container of delicious  hot chocolate mix for those cold 
days or evenings.
I use to make it every winter for our family and company. It also makes a 
good gift to pass out to friends or neighbors,in  small containers, with a 
little zip lock bag of marshmallows attached along with the recipe.
Use a large  air tight container for  storing the mix. Enjoy!

 11 to 12 cups of instant dry milk
2  pound  box of Nestles Quick chocolate mix
 1 16 oz. jar Coffee Mate
 1  1 pound box of powered sugar

mix all together in large  container, blending well. Use lid on container 
for storing.

To make a cup of hot chocolate  use maybe
1 or 2 tablespoons  to a cup of very hot water, or to your taste..Depends on 
size of cup too. Add marshmellows  on top if desired.

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> Sometime in the past someone posted a recipe for Hot cocoa mix. This 
> recipe was enough to store to use as wanted. If someone has that recipe, 
> would you please post again? I would appreciate it a whole bunch. Thanks, 
> Kerry Friddell
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