[CnD] loading a dishwasher

Kimberly Qualls kimberly021466 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 06:33:53 GMT 2012

If  it helps at all...I've lived in a lot of apartments, and I've
always taken small slivers of sticky tape from a dimo-tape labeler and
put them on the different settings...I have to remember which setting
they are on, but I always just use heavy load...That way everything
gets clean...It may not be the way things should be done, but it has
worked for me...BTW, I always place everything in the dishwasher
down-side up...That way, the bowls and cups don't fill with water, and
I don't poke myself with forks or knives...And you can take the
slivers of tape off, and NO DAMAGE...Have a GREAT DAY


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