[CnD] Getting Your Hands In The Food

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I agree that hands play an important role for us. The main thing is
exercising good personal hygiene, handwashing! Some sighted people are
squeamish when they see us use our hands; my son, Brian was that way! He'd
say some thing like, "yuck! Don't do! That! My older son would say, "so
what?! Her! Hands are clean! She washes them! So, it depends on the person,
and the way I look at it is we do the best we can and if our kitchen is
clean and our hands, who cares what we do behind closed doors; sometimes, we
have! To feel to see if meat is cooking right, if the batter is smooth or
minus unmixed-in particles, etc., so, ...!

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I know many sighted chefs who say "Your best cooking tools  are clean
hands"...So, sight or no sight, we can do the best feeling what we do
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