[CnD] guide lines; all members please read

Steve Stewart stevecs at suddenlink.net
Wed Feb 1 11:30:04 GMT 2012

List guide lines.
Note, that the moderators addresses are in cluded at the end of this message.

1. Keep messages on the topic of cooking.
2. Change subject lines to reflect the body of the message.
3. Avoid sending short, meaningless messages. Examples follow:
"Thanks for the recipe"
"This sounds good"
"Me too"
Messages like this clutter up the list and greatly increase the time it takes to read through posted messages.
If you want to thank someone for a recipe please do so off list.
4. Please limit posting of multiple recipes to about 5 to 7 per day. You take the time to post them, so make sure that they get read. Bombarding the list with 10 to 20 recipes will ensure that many are deleted instead of read.
5. Questions, comments, complaints, and requests for assistance should be directed to the list owner or the list moderators for proper handling.
6. Off Topic notices or solicitations must be sent to the list owner for approval and posting to the list. Failure to do this may result in suspension from the Cooking in the Dark list.

Cooking in the Dark List Information.
To subscribe to the list, send a message to:
cookinginthedark-request at acbradio.org and in the subject line, put 
subscribe or unsubscribe.
A confirmation message will be sent to your address.
When you receive it, simply reply to it to complete the subscription or unsubscription transaction.
If you need to get in touch with the owner of this list, Dale
Campbell, please send a message to:
cookinginthedark-owner at acbradio.org Or: cookinginthedark at att.net

To Contact the list moderator,  Steve Stewart, please send a message to:
stevecs at suddenlink.net

Please include a FORWARDED list message with ALL HEADERS intact to make it easier to help you.
This list does not keep archives.
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