[CnD] The Pen Friend

Jay food at speedemessenger.com
Wed Feb 1 13:39:43 GMT 2012

Hi Tom,

Here's a link to the ILA store and it's description of the Pen Friend.



At 07:29 AM Wednesday 2/1/2012, Tom wrote:
>Heidi, I heard the demonstration of the pen friend on youtube. It is 
>quite an instrument!
>I have several questions about it. Would Heidi or anyone on the list 
>be able to answer these questions for me?
>1. The big question for me is how much does it cost?
>2. How can I get it in the United States?
>3. It sounds like you need sighted help with it to know what cans 
>you have in your pantry. Can you actually hold it up to the dish 
>washer and find your settings without sighted help?
>4. Does Dale have something like it? Perhaps Dale can help me with 
>this question.
>How much is the cost for lablers. I would like to have one, but I 
>shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars to get one.
>Any help that can be given would be grea
>Tom Dickhoner from Cincinnati, Ohiotly appreciated.
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