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The PenFriend is all one word.
Also, it is the labeling system, not labeler...
Hope this helps,Dale

At 11:23 AM 2/1/2012, you wrote:
>Oh, great Dale ... Please check on the website when I put in penfriend
>labeller in the search I got no results ... Also searched for labeller
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>Here is  the description of the PenFriend Labeling System.
>The best place to purchase it is at Blind Mice Mart!
>Description of The PenFriend Labeling System Easily record and re-record
>information using this versatile, pocket-sized, easy-to-use product and the
>self-adhesive labels. Instantly play back the recordings anywhere simply
>using the PenFriend - no computer required. 127 labels included.
>Easily record, and re-record, information using this versatile,
>pocket-sized, easy-to-use product and the self-adhesive labels. You can
>instantly play back the recordings anywhere simply using the PenFriend - no
>computer required.
>Use to label: food items, including freezer items, film and music
>collections, household objects or even to organize letters and other
>paperwork as well as record shopping lists or leave audio messages.
>It can also be used as a portable notetaker, record your message and keep
>track of it by placing the allocated label in a small notebook or in your
>Use in school to label classroom equipment and resources and pupils can
>organize their course work.
>. simply allocate one of the coded self-adhesive labels and record and store
>your message on the PenFriend. To playback hold the PenFriend over the label
>- it announces recordings specific to each label . there is no limit to the
>length of each message . the pen has up to 70 hours of recording time
>available gives you the ability to download MP3 files including books and
>music if desired . supplied with 127 labels in a mix of sizes and shapes
>built in speaker USB cable, neck lanyard and two AAA batteries .
>Use This Link To Read the Pen Friend Hints and Tips Document:
>Suggested Retail Price: $149.95
>Your Mice Price: $129.99
>Item: dl76
>Use This Link To Order Now At Blind Mice Mart!
>PenFriend Extra Label Packs
>Need more labels for your PenFriend?
>The Mice have Label Packs A, B, C, and D.
>Each pack contains 380 labels.
>Suggested Retail Price per pack: $29.95
>Your Mice Price Per Pack: $27.77
>Available Label Packs:
>PenFriend Labels Pack A
>Item: dl77
>PenFriend Labels Pack B
>Item: dl78
>PenFriend Labels Pack C
>Item: dl79
>PenFriend Labels Pack D
>Item: dl80
>PenFriend Labels Pack E
>Item: dl81
>PenFriend Laundry Label Pack 1
>Item: dl96
>Order The PenFriend Labeling System and Extra Label Packs from Blind Mice
>Mart located in the Blind Mice Mega Mall!
>Direct Link To the
>PenFriend Labeling Department AT Blind Mice Mart:
>Call me and Order By Phone:
>713 893 7277
>Peace Ya'll,
>Dale Campbell
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