[CnD] world's most expensive hot-dog

Sheila Rieger zebby at telus.net
Wed Feb 1 03:20:40 GMT 2012

Hello All,
I couldn't resist replying to this one.
I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and in case anyone 
should ask, I would not pay 10 cents (Canadian) for a half inch of 
this  ghastly sounding hot dog.
No, we Canadians are not that crazy.  What some people will do to get 
Vancouver, Canada.
At 05:16 PM 1/31/2012, you wrote:
>VANCOUVER, British Columbia - The world's most expensive hot dog has debuted
>in Vancouver, Canada, costing $100 for the foot-long hot-dog infused 
>with cognac along with lobster and Kobe beef. The founder of 
>dougieDog Hot Dogs, dougie
>luv, said in a release his brainchild uses 100-year-old Louis XIII 
>cognac that costs more than $2,000 a bottle. He named the creation 
>the Dragon Dog in honor of the Chinese New Year, which this year 
>celebrates the year of the dragon.
>The dog is nestled in Japanese Kobe beef from hand-massaged cows 
>that is seared in olive and truffle oils, lobster shreds and a 
>picante sauce whose
>ingredients Mr. luv wouldn't disclose. He said he intends to contact 
>the Guinness Book of Records to unseat the previous most-expensive 
>hot dog at New York's Serendipity restaurant, which sells for $69. 
>The release said the new hot dog would be a regular menu item and 
>not a limited offer.
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