[CnD] ID Mate Omni Special Offer- Only 8 Available

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I think there is.  I downloaded a text file from their web site I mean the 
En-Vision America web site and there was some additional information that 
was not in the manual.  They explain how you use the computer with the 
memory card.  You have to have some type of card reader.  I did not know 
what that was but was told it is similar to what they have for memory cards 
in cameras and stuff.  Best thing to do is call them and they can tell you 
how to import the database in your computer.
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> Do you know if it is possible to inport the database to the PC? I would 
> like
> to use this for a way to braille labels based upon the bar code.
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> Dear Cooking In The Dark Member,
> I just got a call from Envision America.
> They asked me to forward this info to everyone on the Cooking In The Dark
> List!
> ****
> Envision America has released
> 8 refurbished ID Mate Omni Portable Bar Code Readers
> for sale at the incredible price of $639.88
> There are only
> 8 ID Mate Omnis available
> They wanted the Cooking In The Dark Members to
> have the first opportunity to get one of these
> Omni Bar Code Readers before they are gone!
> The first 8  orders will be honored...
> Don't wait, Don't hesitate!
> Here's your chance to get a Like New i.d. mate OMNI
> bar code scanner at an incredible price and at a huge savings!
> Take advantage of this deal before
> they are sold out!
> You save over 60%!
> Suggested Retail Price: $1364.99 (including shipping)
> Mice Price:$639.88!
> You Save over $700.00!
> only while they last and there are only 8 available!
> The Full OMNI package includes:
> OMNI unit
> Carrying case
> Lanyard
> AC/DC adapter
> 1 GB compact flash card
> 100 bar code labels
> 90 Day warranty
> First database update free
> When they are gone, they are gone!
> *Ennvision America, the maker of the ID Mate Bar Code Readers,
> have completely refurbished these
> Omni units, replacing anything and everything that each unit needed!
> These Omnis are just like new...except they have a much lower price!
> If you cannot afford the new ID Mate Summit, priced at $1199.99,
> this is your chance to "Set Yourself Free" with the
> ID Mate Omni Bar Code Reader while saving yourself a lot of cheese!!
> Order yours On-Line Now!
> Use this link to order your ID Mate Omni Now!
> https://www.blindmicemegamall.com/bmm/shop/Item_Detail?itemid=203003
> More About the Omni!
> id mate OMNI is a portable "all-in-one" talking
> bar code scanner. It identifies items using their
> bar code. Version 3.0 of the  database contains over 2.1
>  million products on a 1 GB flash memory card.
> It's portable! Measures 7" x 4" x 4" and weighs just over one pound.
> No PC required! Although it integrates fully with
> a PC, you don't have to be PC literate to use.
> New rubberized enclosure allows for easy grip and protection!
> Basic Overview:
> list of 8 items
> . The i.d. mate OMNI is completely portable and battery operated.
> . The unit has a high-output, battery pack. Use
> it on full scan mode all day before you need to recharge.
> . It is also fully operational when plugged into a standard AC wall 
> outlet.
> . The unit has volume control and an ear plug jack for privacy.
> . You can also adjust the pitch and speed of the voice output.
> . Each removable flash memory card is about the size of a matchbook.
> . The flash card has 1 GB of memory so storage
> issues for huge databases are no longer a problem.
>  Many hours of record time on a single card.
> list end
> More Features:
> 1.  Head-Start UPC Product Database: We are
> currently on Version 3.0  of this database which has  2.1 million 
> products.
> In fact, many of the descriptions contained in this database provide
> extended package details beyond just the
> description. Examples of the extended data include:
> list of 6 items nesting level 1
> . Instructions
> . Ingredients
> . Nutritional Information
> . Package Size
> . Warnings
>  Miscellaneous package details
> Extensive database includes
> . food items
> . health and beauty
> . pharmaceuticals
> . wine and spirits
> . CDs and DVDs
> . household cleaning products
> . many others!
> 2. Omni-Directional Scanner
>     i.d. mate OMNI uses an omni-directional
> scanner, so there is no need to visually locate
> the bar code on the label. The omni-directional scanner can
> read the barcode in any direction. The user
> simply rotates the scanner around the product to
> get a reliable read every time.
> 3. Memo Feature
>     In addition to identification of products,
> i.d. mate OMNI can be used as a digital memo
> recorder. The user can use it to record, play, erase and organize
> any number of voice memos. You can also choose
> where you want new memos inserted: after the last
> played memo, or at the end of the list.
> 4. Additional Memo Modes
>    You now have the option of creating
> additional memo modes. You can create 'file
> folders' for easy organization. You can create a mode for shopping
> lists, one for passwords and PINS, one for
> important dates, and one for contact information.
> Any information you need will right at your fingertips.
> 5. On-board Help
>     i.d. mate OMNI features a help mode that
> offers quick answers for frequently asked questions.
> 6. Additional Labels
>     Additional bar code labels are available as
> tags, stickers or iron-ons. Use these to label
> anything that doesn't already have a bar code on it: clothing,
> keys, files, computer disks, pictures, appliances, etc.
> Uses for i.d. mate OMNI
> i.d. mate OMNI can be used in the home or in the
> workplace to identify cans, jars, boxes, bottles,
> clothing, playing cards, prescription drugs, compact
> discs, albums, cassette tapes, pictures,
> important documents, files, or any item that is
> not easily identifiable by other means. The list is literally
> endless.
> The i.d. mate OMNI package includes:
> ist of 7 Items
> 1. i.d. mate OMNI with Adjustable Lanyard and 1 GB Memory Card
> 2. Carrying Case with Strap
> 3. lanyard
> 4. 4 High-Capacity NiMH Batteries
> 5. AC/DC Power Adapter
> 6. 100 Pre-printed Bar Code Labels
> 7. 1 G Compact Flash Memory Card
> 8. Free Upgrade to next Data Base
> Item: idomni1g
> Suggested Retail Price Including Shipping for the Omni Was: $1,364.95
> Mice Price:$639.88
> Only 8 available at this price!
> Shipping Available to Canada Too!
> Contact The Mice For Shipping Charges To Canada!
> info at blindmicemegamall.com
> ***
> Order Yours Now On-line!
> Don't miss out!
> Use the following link to order your ID Mate Omni now!
> https://www.blindmicemegamall.com/bmm/shop/Item_Detail?itemid=203003
> Call me at 713 893 7277 to order too!
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