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Keep in mind that the PenFriend does not read universal bar codes that are 
on supermarket items.  It reads what you stick on things after you record 
the label you want to be heard.  A can of corn with a dot that has a 
recorded message on it will be identified, while a can in the store that you 
have not labeled will not be identified.  I hope this didn't sound too 
confusing.  In short, you do all the labeling.  It plays back the recordings 
you made.

If you want to be able to identify items in the supermarket that have bar 
codes on them, you would be better off, if you can afford one, to buy a bar 
code reader such as those from


such as the ID Mate, Omni, or Summit bar code readers.

Shepherds are the best beasts, but Labs are a close second.
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> Heidi, I am very much thinking about the possibility of getting the Pen 
> Friend. It probably isn't going to be that difficult to get help labeling. 
> Since my wife and I go grocery shopping a lot, this will be a great help 
> to me
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