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If you want to add heat to chili don't use chili powder, as it'll add flavor
more than heat. There are several options, though. For milder heat increase
you can add a few drops of tobacco, Red Devil, or Louisiana Hot Sauce. The
hottest grade of Pace also might do the trick, or you can replace one can of
tomatoes in the recipe with the milder Ro-Tel. A sprinkle of red pepper
flakes, like they have at pizza parlors or in little packets with some
delivery pizzas, will also heat it up, as will one or more jalapenos or
chili piquines. If you want to really crank the heat then you're going to
want to get into Habanero land. Remember with peppers the rind (the thing
that holds the seeds) and seeds are where the real heat is, so adjust

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Hi everyone,

First I want to say that I'll start working on sending those recipes soon.
Today I find myself immersed in making a grocery list for the month. 


Recently I made a batch of chili using a mix and it was too bland. I hoped
it would be better the next day but it wasn't. I don't like things too spicy
but this chili needs a boost. I added crushed Fritos, salsa, cheese and sour
cream. My question is this: Can I put it in a pan and add some chili powder?

Sorry if this sounds dumb,

Nancy Martin


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