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where did you find the joy of cooking book?

On Jan 31, 2012, at 4:40 PM, Nicole Massey wrote:

> The Joy of Cooking is a must. It's more than a cookbook, its' a cooking
> textbook, with a lot of technique in it.
> Betty crocker's cookbook is a similar one. Get it through Bookshare.
> If you can find it the 1918 Fannie Farmer cookbook is wonderful. It's the
> last one she put together before her death, and it has a lot of the basics
> in it.
> There was a wonderful little book my ex found called The Can Opener
> Cookbook. It's vintage, from when housewives were just starting to use a lot
> of canned goods, but it kept things simple. If you can find it, scan it and
> make it available for Bookshare so we can have access to it, and if I find
> it first (mine got stolen) I'll get it up there.
> I love the Foods of the World series from Time-Life. They haven't reissued
> them yet, but hopefully they will some day. If they don't I'm working on
> collecting them.
> There's a great book called "Recipes from the backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans,
> and Jars" that has a lot of those things you find on a package, and I'm
> planning on scanning my copy and putting it up on Bookshare as soon as I
> find my big book of recipes.
> I recently found a great book on Indian (dots, not feathers) cuisine called
> Curry: A tale of Cooks and Conquerors, by Lizzie Collingham, which both
> deals with how East Indian cuisine came about and some of the recipes
> typical of the cuisine. I haven't made any of them yet, but it was a great
> listen. NLS has it, and it's downloadable on BARD if you have a digital
> player
> For those of a zymurgical bent, (wine making) there's Acton & Duncan's book,
> Making Mead. I love this book, and I hope to get it scanned soon. It's
> written from a British perspective, but other than the fact that Heather
> honey is hard to get in the Americas it'll work. I've made a lot of good
> honey wines from it. The wimemaker's recipe handbook, by Raymond massaccesi
> is also interesting, and it's another one I hope to have available soon on
> Bookshare. And for something different there's Cider by Annie prouslx and
> lew Nichols, which is a great book on making ciders of all kinds.
> For something without the octane I  got a lot out of Cresswell's book,
> Homemade Root Beer and Soda Pop. It's another one I plan to scan soon and
> put up on Bookshare.
> Sorry that a lot of these aren't blind accessible yet, but if I can get a
> bit of sighted assistance I can locate them and run them through the trusty
> HP Scanjet and they'll be around for y'all to benefit from soon.
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> Hi everyone,
> I'd like to know what cookbooks and cooking gadgets you find the most
> helpful. If you'd rather write me off list, that's ok.
> Thanks in advance,
> Nancy Martin
> Oklahoma
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