[CnD] Our Six Can Chili Recipe

Tom Dickhoner tdickhoner at fuse.net
Fri Feb 3 03:01:50 GMT 2012

Now that we are talking about chili, here is a 6-can chili recipe that is not too hot, in fact, it isn't hot at all. Here It gos


one pound of hamburger or ground beef browned well.

In a large crock pot add the following:

2 cans kidney beans,

two cans of tomatoes,

2 cans tomato sauce

After you have the hamburger, tomato sauce, and kidney beans all in your crock, add an envelope of McCormick Chili Mix.

We had much discussion on the list all week, but Dale would tell you you have to get your hands in there and mix the ingredients.

Cook for about 3 hours on high or all day or longer on low. I made a pot last Friday. I hope to finish it tomorrow as I don't like to keep food in the fridge more than a week.

Tom Dickhoner from Cincinnati, Ohio

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