[CnD] Our Six Can Chili Recipe

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Another simple idea is one that I use, and everyone compliments my chili
when I do this.  Use more beans, and different ones.  When I make chili, I
use about 2 pounds of ground beef, then a can of kidney beans, a can of
pinto beans, and 2 cans of black beans, or whatever combination I have on
hand.  I then use 2 cans of tomatoes, and one of tomatoe sauce.  This makes
a lot of chili, but I always just freeze some for later.  Yum, and you can't
beat having a meal to just heat up when you're busy one evening.  Also, I
cook the hamburger with fresh garlic and chopped onion and green pepper to
add to the flavor.  Just some thoughts on one of my favorite meals.  Have a
great weekend everyone.

Joy and family 

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Try adding some onion and garlic and a little cumin for taste.
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> Now that we are talking about chili, here is a 6-can chili recipe that is 
> not too hot, in fact, it isn't hot at all. Here It gos
> Ingredients
> one pound of hamburger or ground beef browned well.
> In a large crock pot add the following:
> 2 cans kidney beans,
> two cans of tomatoes,
> 2 cans tomato sauce
> After you have the hamburger, tomato sauce, and kidney beans all in your 
> crock, add an envelope of McCormick Chili Mix.
> We had much discussion on the list all week, but Dale would tell you you 
> have to get your hands in there and mix the ingredients.
> Cook for about 3 hours on high or all day or longer on low. I made a pot 
> last Friday. I hope to finish it tomorrow as I don't like to keep food in 
> the fridge more than a week.
> Tom Dickhoner from Cincinnati, Ohio
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