[CnD] recipe ideas?

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Yes.  Make a beef biscuit pie.  You can take the ground beef and brown it,
along with onion and green pepper if you have it.  If you have a bag of
frozen mixed vegies, that's ideal.  Just heat them up in the microwave and
mix with the hamburger once it's cooked.  If not, add whatever vegies you
have.  Pour in one can of cream soup, I like mushroom.  Add about a cup or a
little more of sour cream.  Mix that all up and you can mix in some shredded
cheese if you like or have some around.  Add just enough milk to make it
that nice creamy consistency.  Pour into a sprayed casserole dish, top with
the biscuits, and I believe you cook it at 375 until the biscuits are done,
I want to say about 25 minutes.  Another recipe I've seen has you break the
biscuits into quarters and scatter them over the top, and I think this is to
ensure the biscuits get done.  I've done this a lot and it's very good! If
you want more exact times, I believe there are several recipes for beef
biscuit pie if you search at  www.cooks.com  Good luck deciding what to do.
Hope I either helped with the recipe or at least stirred up some ideas.
Have a great weekend.

Joy and family

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I have ground beef,a can of refrigerated biscuits, sour cream, along  with
the usual cream soups, and canned tomatoes.  No great ideas or inspiration
for tonight's  dinner.  Any good recipes?
Allison Fallin 

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