[CnD] finding recipes online

Susan Wojtecki susan.wojtecki at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 22:14:48 GMT 2012


Hi all,
While I am a Braille user, I also appreciate the electronic and online
resources for recipes. Of course, most of the listers probably know
about the Cooking in the Dark podcast and that Dale's recipes are
available in electronic as well as Braille formats. There are so many
online recipe sites, but two of my favorites are allrecipes.com and
food.com which both have large searchable databases. These sites allow
registered users to store, print, or email recipes for future use and
the process is quite straightforward. Food.com uses a captcha as part
of the registration process without an audio alternative, but I
emailed customer service explaining that I am blind and they entered
my username and password in without any problem. The process took
about an hour, and that long only because I initially chose a common
username and had to try again. Of course, there's still the problem of
copying the recipes if your computer is not in the kitchen, lol, but
at least you don't have to buy or store bulky Braille volumes and
there are a gazillion recipes at your fingertips.  Hth.


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