[CnD] Cookbooks at Blind BookStop

Dale cookinginthedark at att.net
Sat Feb 4 22:34:03 GMT 2012

Hi All,
Don't forget about the awesome selection of cookbooks at
The  Blind BookStop
in the Blind Mice Mega Mall.
They are available in braille or in an electronic formatted text file.
There are over 165 different books available...
casseroles, crock pot cooking, cookies, candies, breads, breakfasts, 
sandwiches, and lots o speciality books  too.
Here are the links to the braille and electronic cookbooks at the 
Blind BookStop!

Braille Cookbooks:

electronic Cookbooks:

If the links don't open, copy and paste into your browser...be sure 
to get the entire link.
?Sometimes the links wrap to two lines.
Keep on Cooking,
Dale Campbell

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