[CnD] Recipe: Green Johnny

Nicole Massey nyyki at gypsyheir.com
Fri Feb 10 13:37:26 GMT 2012

This is a modification of Hopping John.

2 cans of green peas (I use the Le Seur Early Young peas with onions and
1 can of whole kernel corn
1.5 cups of uncooked rice
½ cup of cubed ham, smoked sausage, summer sausage, or other mildly spiced
3 tb of butter
Dash of onion salt
Dash of seasoning salt
Cook the rice. Melt the butter in it. Drain the cans of vegetables and mix
in with the rice. Mix in the meat, then season to taste. Microwave on high
for four minutes or until hot all the way through. Serve.

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