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Kathy Brandt katya20707 at comcast.net
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I've had trouble in the past and complained, including examples for what 
would improve the situation.  Now I'd say still the most difficult thing is 
checkout.  You work with the checkout buttons at the top of the section 
you're on, not the bottom, making sure you review and hit the one saying 
'submit order' at the end of the process.  I kind of have to figure it out a 
little each time, but I did an order on-line last thursday.  I'm using 
Window Eyes.


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>I buy Schwan's foods and order  them by phone because the last time I tried
> to use the site,  it wasn't very accessible.  Has it improved and if 
> anyone
> uses it successfully, can you tell me how you do it?  Thanks.
> Allison Fallin
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