[CnD] Now it's lemons

Kimberly Qualls kimberly021466 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 04:32:41 GMT 2012

Yes, I am VERY LUCKY...Houses are very reasonable down here, now...We
have extra rooms and there's a standing invite, for my friends who
actually helped ME learn to cook...I'm picking up a flat of
strawverries, after my bday thing tommorrow (if I can), and does
anyone how many strawberries I would instead of frozen?...And, here is
a recipe just told to e, by the same friend who sent me the fruit, and
just thought I'd pass it along...Take a  gallon jar (sun tea jar works
well)...roll 10 to 12 lemons and cut them in half...Add 2 cups of
sugar into the jar...Add lemons...Fill the rest of the way with
ice...Wrap a towel around it...Pass it around the party to shake
WELL...When the towel freezes to the jar, drink up!...I guess we're
trying it tommorrow...The strawverries may have to wait till
Thurs...lol...Be Good, and Thanks for all the ideas


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