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I'm not sure what you're asking when you sent "does
anyone how many strawberries I would instead of frozen?"

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> Yes, I am VERY LUCKY...Houses are very reasonable down here, now...We
> have extra rooms and there's a standing invite, for my friends who
> actually helped ME learn to cook...I'm picking up a flat of
> strawverries, after my bday thing tommorrow (if I can), and does
> anyone how many strawberries I would instead of frozen?...And, here is
> a recipe just told to e, by the same friend who sent me the fruit, and
> just thought I'd pass it along...Take a  gallon jar (sun tea jar works
> well)...roll 10 to 12 lemons and cut them in half...Add 2 cups of
> sugar into the jar...Add lemons...Fill the rest of the way with
> ice...Wrap a towel around it...Pass it around the party to shake
> WELL...When the towel freezes to the jar, drink up!...I guess we're
> trying it tommorrow...The strawverries may have to wait till
> Thurs...lol...Be Good, and Thanks for all the ideas
> Kimberly
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