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I know that a lot of recipes call for a certain amount of fresh or frozen 
strawberries, so I think it would be the same as to which you use.

A thought is that if you buy fruits in bulk and then have a problem using 
them all before it is too late, buy fewer.  I've known people to buy, let's 
say, a whole lug of peaches, because of the low price.  They throw half of 
them out because they're going bad.  If you look at from one way, they were 
cheap.  Then again, if you threw half of what you bought away, the price 
doubled.  I'd rather buy what I need and use it all.

Be positive!  When it comes to being defeated, if you think you're finished, 
you! are! finished!
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> Sorry again...I was less than clear when I asked about the
> strawberries...Would I use the same amount (by weight, I guess) for
> fresh as what it would say on the package  of the frozen?...Thanks for
> all the tips and recipes...Happy Valentine's Day to EVERYONE
> Kimberly
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