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1 package of hot dogs, cut into ¼ inch sections
1 can of ranch style beans
1 can of pork & beans
2 tbsp of ketchup or catsup
1 tbsp of dill relish
Several dashes of Worcestershire sauce
Dash of season salt

There is some debate on the first step here -- my ex always browned the hot
dogs beforehand, I didn't. Put hot dogs in a pan and brown them if you wish
on the stove. Pour in the rest of the ingredients and blend well, then
simmer on the stove until the seasoning juice/sauce starts to thicken. I
always served this in a good sized bowl with half the bowl filled with the
recipe and the other half filled with macaroni & cheese.

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I'd be interested in your favorite easy recipes using hotdogs. You can
either write me privately or send them to the list. I'm bored with hotdogs
and baked beans or chili dogs. 


Nancy Martin


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